Comicbook  2016


I illustrated “Einfach zum Kennenlernen – Eine 24 Stunden Reise durch den Klinikalltag” for the childrens hospital “KJPP Hinterbrühl”. It is supposed to give patients and parents an overview of the facilities and an insight to the daily routine. The text was written by Friederike Jekat and Barbara Winzely. On more than 40 Pages the main characters experience one whole day at the hospital unfolding all the information relevant to the reader.

Page 6

Markus, who is treated for depression, and Florian, who suffers from ADHS, meet Janine, who is offered to stay at the hospital to find a solution for her problems controlling her temper resulting in violent outbrakes. While Janine experiences the preliminary talk and admittance procedure the boys live through a normal day, go to school, interact with the other kids in their groups and the attendants and engage in leisure activities. Eventually the three of them become friends and the boys set out to show Janine around.

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