Trailer for social media and festival location  2016

Character Animation

WayToMadness from Tom Stockinger on Vimeo.

The story of the Partybots continues: Under the guidance of captain Spacecow the Partybots leave their home planet once again, heading for earth to bring the party and festival madness to the FM4 Frequency 2016. Distracted by their excessive party routine they fail to prepare for a safe landing.

I developed the story and layouted and animated the shots with the characters that I had already created and rigged for the previous shorts. The Spacecow character was modelled and rigged by Mauricio Porras. All the shots inside the spaceship where lit and rendered by Robin Herrmann.

In case you wondered what the partybots actually did on last years Frequency Festival, watch this exclusive coverage captured at the festival location during the FM4 Frequency 2015:

My shots from "Frequency Aftermovie 2015" from Tom Stockinger on Vimeo.

© 2015 by Tom Stockinger